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Driving License in Portugal


Driving is a necessity for almost everyone and it’s important to keep yourself updated with all the new rules and regulations that come into play from time to time. If you are an expat in Portugal or just visiting, it is important that you know about your driving license in Portugal and how it works. This will help you stay safe while on the road, as well as save you from any unnecessary trouble with authorities due to ignorance of laws regarding driving licenses.

What is a Driving License in Portugal?

Driving License is a legal document that authorizes you to drive as a citizen of your country or region. It is also known as Driving Permit. A driving license is issued by the local authorities of the country, after the successful completion of a driving test.

Driving License is valid for life, unless it has been lost or stolen, in which case it must be replaced with another one immediately before starting driving again.

Who can Apply Driving License in Portugal?

You can apply for a driving license in Portugal if you are 18 years old or older and a citizen of Portugal. You must also have a valid passport and visa, as well as a residence permit if you’re not a citizen.

If you aren’t sure whether these requirements apply to your situation, contact us!

What are the Types of Driving License in Portugal?

In Portugal, there are several types of driving licenses. These are:

  • Class A – This type of license allows you to drive any vehicle with an engine capacity over 3,500 cc or weighting over 3,500 kgs.
  • Class B – You can drive vehicles with an engine capacity between 1,350 cc and 3,500 cc and a maximum weight not exceeding 7,500 kgs. However, if you want to drive larger vehicles like trucks/lorries (camião), buses, or coaches then this certificate is mandatory.
  • Class C – This one permits you to drive cars and light vans up to 2 tons in weight with a maximum power output between 75 kW (101 bhp) and 130 kW (172 bhp). It also allows you to use tractors without trailers but only in case they have been designed for agricultural purposes only (agricultura).

When to Apply for a Driving License in Portugal?

When you are 18 years old, you can apply for a driving license in Portugal. You need to pass a test of your driving skills, which includes the following:

  • A written exam (multiple choice questions) on the rules of the road and traffic signs
  • A practical driving test that includes an eye test, turning around corners, and reversing your car into a parking space.

Where to Apply Driving License in Portugal?

To apply for a driving license, you must visit the local office of the National Institute of Motor Vehicles (INM). The INM is responsible for issuing driving licenses and it is located at Rua da Horta Scarlate, 1-3 in Lisbon.

To make sure that you are applying at the right place, visit their website at http://www.inmportugal.com/

When to Renew a Driving License in Portugal?

Renewing your driving license in Portugal is a simple process, but there are some rules you must follow. In general, you need to renew your license every 10 years and before the expiration date of the current one. If you don’t do so in time (and before it expires), then you will have to go through another medical exam and theory test before getting your new license.

If your last renewal was done within 5 years of this one and if there has been no change in any of the information provided on it (namely address), then there is no need for another medical exam or theory test; however, if either has changed since then–or if it has been more than 5 years since your last renewal–then these requirements must still be met when renewing again

Rules and Regulations Regarding Driving Licenses in Portugal.

There are certain rules and regulations regarding driving licenses in Portugal. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a driving license. The driver must have a valid driver’s license. He/she should also have a clean driving record, which means no accidents or traffic violations in his/her name during the last three years before applying for a Portuguese Driving License.

A driving License can be obtained from any authorized office of DGTT (Directorate General of Traffic) or through an authorized agent who will take care of all formalities for you under your supervision by providing all required documents along with fee payment slips as per prevailing rates at time of application submission process

Required Documents for Driving License in Portugal.

The documents you will need to apply for a Portuguese driving license include:

  • Passport
  • Residence Permit (Cartao de Residente) or NIF Card (National Identification Number) with valid photo ID. This can be obtained from the Portuguese Immigration Office online or in person at any of their offices throughout Portugal. You will also need a copy of this document when applying for your license.
  • Valid Driving License issued by another EU country or non-EU country that has been valid for at least three years before arrival in Portugal and has not expired during the time spent living here as well as proof that you have held said license during this period; e.g., an original letter from the authorities confirming this information, etc…